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Skilled Rapper from Memphis, Tn. Badd has been honing her craft for about 3 independently. She strives to be completely self-sufficient by producing her own beats and even editing her own music videos. Iggy Badd says, "Creating music is a challenge. It takes drive and execution; I'm up for it. I want other people to feel what I feel when I hear it in my head."

Iggy Badd dropped her very first album 'Life's a Badd Party' on March 15, 2024.

Music Video Production

We take the artist's vision and bring it to life!

All of the following videos were created using an iPhone 14 Pro, and various lighting equipment. Videos are color-corrected and edited in Final Cut Pro for quality 4k videos.

Q says, "You don't have to break the bank to produce a high-quality video."

Here are a couple of examples